Between love and hate

Dear friends,

I just received a letter showing the original drawings of Mário Vitória which surprised me very positively. His figurations occupy plenty of space with impressive scenes love and hate. This drawing of an inexorable correction triggers the imagination. It seems the crazy story of all of us, the ones who call themselves humanity.

All of this occupies my apartment, showing a true representation of the mural dimensions of Porto, the city where the artist lives and works. Being Porto a place where Arts always occupied a unique space in society, I don’t recall seeing any references to this work which excites my curiosity even further. We are going through a time of hunger and it shouldn’t be allowed to save importance to this reflection of time.

What I write is based in a few photos as my 91 years do not allow anymore for a visit to Porto. In a country where is so hard to conquer a space of fame and recognition as an artist, I can’t be indifferent to allow this work to stay restricted to the walls of a studio. In truth, each minute is unique and despite his youth, Mário Vitória is able to represent it in all its plenitude. This is space is the space of history which is always repeated endlessly. The same line runs from hate to love perfectly aligned with the revelation of color and sound.

How is it possible that painting can be designated from Porto or Lisbon? Those are tragic jokes used to obscure the main objective – the unique opportunity of crossing tight borders. I truly hope this author won’t get stuck in the ridiculous game of being a celebrity of Porto or Lisbon. And always bearing in mind the strength and potential of his work.

Artur Cruzeiro Seixas, March 2012